No Waste Wipes – Review

Personal Hygiene In today’s world is not just a want but rather a need if one is to keep the whole family robust and healthy. If you are watching, you will consistently observe motion sensor-activated hand sanitizers, soap dispensers, bathroom faucets and motion activated paper towel dispensers for external cleanliness of visible areas. But there are definitely barriers to ensuring that there is always something available when one is wanting to be on top of your family’s hygiene. What’s more, there is certainly little available convenient options when placed in a bathroom stall with the toddler, unless you are carrying a huge bag with you on every expedition, full of all the bathroom necessities.

This is the problem No Waste Wipe is setting out to resolve for parents and children in all scenarios. No Waste Wipe, is meant for those situations when the dirty feeling simply cannot wait until you or your child eventually get to bath, or hit the shower in the evening.

While the Target Demographic is Parents, children, and babies, No Waste Wipe is suitable for all ages. The Bottle is small and similar in size to a bank card, with measurements of 1 ¾” (4.5cm) wide x 3 ¼” (8.4cm) long x 3/8” (1cm) thick. Price per dispenser bottle is $4.50 USD. Not bad.

No Waste Wipe has ingredients that are intended for the most sensitive bottom, especially for medical conditions, such as fissures. It has willow herb and aloe vera which reduces the inflamed areas. It may even help skin that is irritated by a mosquito bite, which a dab of this product can reduce.

When compared to other products in this category, that the packaging of No Waste Wipe is much smaller and more convenient than other well-known name brands – Huggies, Pampers, Earths Best, Aquinelle tissue mist, Refresh, Freshu, Fresh Wipe, Etiquette, Fresh Assist, Fresh Dab, One wipe Charlie. No Waste Wipe is very easy to use and found as soothing and refreshing.

No Waste Wipe Pros:

The dispenser bottle is very small (similar in size to a credit card) making it convenient to carry in any pocket, honestly, I didn’t even notice No Waste Wipe in my pocket until I wanted to use it.

Dispensing the scented lotion worked nicely to apply to any toilet paper allowing full cleanliness removing what is normally left behind. Cleaning my toddler was super easy and worked great. Using No Waste Wipe myself on a day at the office makes me wonder how I lived without it. It was also very easy to use for the whole family. The “Single” bottle lasts quite a long time about 33 days for me.

No Waste Wipe Cons:

The Sticker on the bottle did not tear along the dotted line very easily, leaving the label tethered somewhat. For getting the lotion onto the Toilet Paper sometimes it takes several squirts to get adequate volume on the toilet paper. Once the bottle got to a lower level it sometimes would get a vapor lock, which was easily be fixed by turning upside down and depressing the dispenser trigger or by removing the protector tab from the fill hole. The company is currently not sending refills for the dispensers which some other companies are providing.

We believe No Waste Wipe is on the proper path. It doesn’t come entirely without its flaws and hopefully, they will work those out. The price is of good value and for the convenience  on daily use for myself and my family getting our needs fulfilled for hygiene and feeling fresh No Waste Wipe is sure that you leave nothing behind.

For further purchase details of the No Waste Wipe products you can visit their website at No Waste Wipes website.


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